$100M Leads Book Launch FAQs


Cancellation, refunds, returns policy for book and bundle orders


We are unable to cancel orders, offer refunds or process returns at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! If you have any questions regarding book orders, Acquisition.com hats or $100M Leads please feel free to email us at support@acquisition.com.


How to access the book launch event recording


To join Alex Hormozi’s $100M Leads live book launch event, CLICK HERE! 


If you experience any technical difficulties joining the live event, CLICK HERE to view live on Alex’s YouTube channel. 🎦🎦🎦


Please keep in mind after the live event has concluded, free giveaway items will no longer be available. You can purchase book bundles and book copies through our Shopify store HERE.


How can I order $100M Leads?

If you live within the U.S. CLICK HERE to purchase physical copies of $100M Leads and $100M Leads bundles!

For everyone living outside of the U.S., click HERE to download the Kindle version!

The audiobook version will also be available within the next several weeks.


I don’t see hardcopy books available, what are my options? 


We’re only releasing a limited number of hardcopy books and hardcopy bundle orders through our $100M Leads store by CLICKING HERE. If you’ve clicked on the link and paperback copies are the only option to purchase, this means all hardcopies have sold out and will not be backstocked. 


What’s a book bundle, and how do I purchase it?


We’re offering limited quantities of book bundles! These bundle options include 3 or 10 $100M Leads copies plus an Acquisition.com hat. 


CLICK HERE to visit our store and pick the bundle that works best for you! 


I’ve already placed a $100M Leads book or bundle order - how do I check the tracking?


You can check your shipping status on your shopify order status page or the link provided to you via email. For orders placed within 24-hours, shipment information will not be available until it leaves the warehouse.


Can I buy only an Acquisition.com hat? 


At this time, we’re only selling the Acquisition.com hats as a part of the book bundles which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE!


My order was undelivered or stolen - what do I do?


If you believe your order was stolen or not delivered, please contact Support@Acquisition.com.


Please note: Only one replacement copy will be provided for any original damaged or undelivered books based on the discretion of our team. Shipping within the U.S. may take 7-14  days. If you’ve ordered a book from the U.K., AUS, Canada or EU countries - please allow up to 3-4 weeks to receive your order.


Do you offer signed book copies? 


At this time we are not selling signed copies of $100M Leads. We appreciate your support so much and will keep this in mind to include for future promotions! 


If you haven’t registered to be part of our Mozination Community - sign up here to join! Hope to hear from you again soon!


Is $100M Leads translated into other languages? 


We currently don’t offer $100M Leads in any translated languages besides English. Continue checking Alex and Leila Hormozi’s social media channels for updates as we may offer this option in the future!


I’d love for Alex and Leila to speak at my next engagement. How do I submit a speaking request?


If you’d like to request Alex or Leila speak at one of your upcoming events, click here for more information on how to request.


Questions about Acquisition.com or want to engage with Alex and Leila Hormozi on social media? 


Check out the Acquisition.com website here if you have questions about the business or team! 


For all things Alex and Leila Hormozi on social media, CLICK HERE to access their channels. 


I need help with my order and I don’t see my question listed in the FAQs - how do I reach out?

Feel free to contact the Acquisition.com support team via email at: Support@Acquisition.com! We’re happy to help!